Positive Behaviour Support

We seek to understand the underlying reasons behind the behaviour to create proactive strategies that promote positive behaviour.


Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) prioritises individuals and their needs when addressing challenging behaviour. It aims to ensure their safety and well-being, regardless of whether the behaviour poses physical risks or limits their fulfilment. At RAR Therapy, the heart of PBS is a person-centred approach that recognises the individual’s unique requirements, respects their rights, and supports their goal pursuit.


Are PBS Support Plans available?

Certainly! Positive Behaviour Support offers personalised support plans for individuals facing challenging behaviours or seeking positive reinforcement to enhance their quality of life.

"We understand that success in life looks different for every person, and we are passionate about helping you to identify the barriers to your success, and together finding ways to overcome them to reach your potential.

Why Is PBS important?

Positive Behaviour Support is an essential tool that can greatly improve the quality of life for individuals who struggle with communication and behavioural issues. In today’s world, effective communication is more critical than ever, and individuals who struggle with expressing their needs can often become misunderstood. Not everyone can ‘read the room’ so to speak, and a lot of people do not fit into societal norms. 

Unfortunately, many parents and teachers often use methods that don’t prioritise the individual, which can sometimes make the problem worse. It’s not their fault, they’re simply not equipped with the right tools or knowledge, and they’re only doing what they think is best. Quite often, a new approach has to come into effect for real changes to happen.

This is where Positive Behaviour Support comes in – it focuses on personalised strategies and patience to help individuals communicate their needs and develop positive behaviours. It’s one of the most respectful methods of teaching which is often what makes people respond to it so well.

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