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RAR Therapy Cairns provides allied health services across the region. Because ‘YOU’ matter.

“At RAR Therapy Cairns, YOU are the centre of everything we do”

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You can connect with therapists through your computer, tablet or phone with our telehealth service.

“At RAR Therapy Cairns, YOU are the centre of everything we do”


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Why We Love Cairns

Often regarded as the jewel in the crown of North Queensland, Cairns is a tropical metropolis that is all but guaranteed to flourish in the years to come. Can you name anywhere else in Australia where spectacular reefs, ancient rainforests, rich culture, and an alfresco dining scene blend into one? In addition to being a cultural melting pot, Cairns has a well earned reputation as being the adventure capital of the nation, and the primary activity hub in Far North Queensland.

Home to the iconic Great Barrier Reef

While the region of Cairns is home to the iconic Great Barrier Reef and Wet Tropics World Heritage Rainforest, the city itself is also a must-visit with plenty to see and do. With a range of laidback cafés, bustling markets and plenty of beaches nearby, Cairns locals usually blend in with tourists looking to experience the magic of this popular pocket of Queensland.


Despite the focus on tourism, it’s the healthcare industry that is the city’s biggest employer, with around 16.5% of the Cairns population working in the medical field. However, this figure is closely followed by industries that also benefit from the influx of travellers, including accommodation, hospitality, retail and even construction. In fact, Cairns has a surprisingly diverse economy when it comes to key sectors, and aside from the warmer weather, may help to explain why interstate migrants are moving to the region in droves. 

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