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RAR Therapy Perth provides clinic-based, mobile and telehealth allied health services. Because ‘YOU’ matter.

“At RAR Therapy Perth, YOU are the centre of everything we do”

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You can connect with therapists through your computer, tablet or phone with our telehealth service.

“At RAR Therapy Perth, YOU are the centre of everything we do”


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We offer in-clinic, mobile and telehealth appointments

Why We Love Perth

Arguably the most remote of all Australia’s capital cities, the isolation of Perth is worth it for the sunny climate and world class beaches for many people. Although Perth’s central business district is much smaller than similar vicinities in Sydney or Melbourne, the riverside area is particularly beautiful, with great views, waterside cafes and even dolphins popping out of the water to say g’day. While it’s the perfect location to enjoy the sunshine on a lunch break or over a weekend, it’s also wildly popular with many joggers and cyclists at sunset. 

In addition, Perth also has several hotspots for shopping, dining and simply heading out on the town. Northbridge, just north of the CBD, is arguably the culture capital of the city, and is the main district for pubs, clubs and live music. Inner-city suburbs such as Mt Lawley and Highgate are also busy on weekends, and Fremantle is noted for its cafes and restaurants and is a popular short-drive destination.

Perth is renowned for its expertise in resources and energy, mining equipment, technology, environmental sustainability, agribusiness and marine engineering. Due to its plethora of natural resources and remote location, Perth salaries are 12% higher than the national average for comparable roles, meaning that the city has the power to pull the very best of each industry into Western Australia for work.

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