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RAR Therapy Townsville provides clinic-based, mobile and telehealth allied health services. Because ‘YOU’ matter.

“At RAR Therapy Townsville, YOU are at the centre of everything we do”

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You can connect with therapists through your computer, tablet or phone with our telehealth service.

“At RAR Therapy Townsville, YOU are at the centre of everything we do”


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Why We Love Townsville

As Queensland’s fourth largest metropolitan region behind Brisbane, the Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast, Townsville is doing more than its fair share of putting Far North Queensland on the map.

Thanks to a wide range of thriving industries, natural resources, and over three hundred days of sunshine per year, it’s no surprise that the city is expected to hit a population of 300,000 by 2036. 

While being home to one of Australia’s key military bases would be enough to draw a significant number of new residents to Townsville, the city’s proximity to a number of mines has also helped to transform it into a thriving melting pot of young professionals, families and retirees. In addition, access to the Great Barrier Reef and nearby Magnetic Island has also seen Townsville’s population surge with southerners on the hunt for a sea change.

As Townsville has two hospitals and a wide range of allied health services, many are still surprised to learn that the healthcare industry is the city’s biggest employer. Closely followed by public administration, education, retail and construction, this diversity is only set to expand with the upcoming 2032 Brisbane Olympics, as the city is pencilled in to play a key role in hosting the regional events held in North Queensland. 

Ultimately, Townsville is fast developing a reputation as the perfect place to live, work and play. It’s a city that has some exciting developments on the horizon, but has somehow managed to retain its laidback nature alongside a daily rush hour of less than twenty minutes. 



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