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“At RAR Therapy Ayr, YOU are the centre of everything we do”


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Why We Love Ayr

If you’re a fan of boating, camping, fishing and – sugar cane – then a retreat to the sleepy town of Ayr in North Queensland is the place to be! Ayr is one of those hidden gems, and is a township rich in Queensland history. While some people make the mistake of assuming it has little more to offer than a conveniently placed service station, others who take the time to explore Ayr are usually rewarded with friendly locals, natural wonders, an affordable rural lifestyle, and much more.

Ayr is a rural area known for its natural beauty and fertile farmland

Located on the delta of the Burdekin River, Ayr is a rural area known for its natural beauty and fertile farmland. Although the region is now largely populated with endless fields of sugar cane, it’s also been home to the indigenous Bindal and Juru aboriginal people for thousands of years.


The Bindal people occupied land from the mouth of the Burdekin River, north to Cape Cleveland and inland to Leichhardt Range whilst the Juru people lived on the land between Bowen and Ayr, with three distinct languages used by the traditional custodians of the Ayr region.

Situated 85 kilometres south of Townsville is the rural community of Ayr, in the prosperous Burdekin district. If you’re unfamiliar with this part of Queensland, then it’s important to note just how big of a role sugar has in the local economy – think 80,000 hectares of sugarcane, producing about 1.25 million tonnes of raw sugar annually. 

Being in one of the largest cane and mango farming areas in Australia, in addition to other melons and fruits, Ayr is a Mecca for working backpackers. However, it’s also home to roughly 8,500 full time residents, many of whom have called this part of Queensland home for one, two or even three generations. 

Despite this small number, Ayr is home to a large pool of education options. Local mums and dads are spoilt for choice when it comes to primary and secondary education, in addition to options for both private and public schools as well. 

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