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“At RAR Therapy Toowoomba, YOU are the centre of everything we do”

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“At RAR Therapy Toowoomba, YOU are the centre of everything we do”


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Why We Love Toowoomba

For fans of cities that feel like big country towns, a lively arts scene and sprawling gardens, Toowoomba is an ideal oasis nestled on top of a mountain. 

Outside of Brisbane, regions like the Sunshine Coast and the Gold Coast tend to get all of the attention when it comes to identifying prominent regional hubs in South East Queensland. However, just 130km west of Brisbane lies Australia’s second largest inland city – and Toowoomba is booming.

Thanks to the addition of a full service airport and the development of industries outside of agriculture, the region has managed to shake off its reputation as being a country town stuck in a bygone era. In fact, Toowoomba has well and truly transformed itself from a sleepy city atop the Great Dividing Range, into a thriving and diverse region that had the audacity to reinvent itself.

As Australia’s third most diverse regional economy, major players in the employment sector include education, transport and logistics, and professional services. Despite the biggest exports of the Darling Downs being linked to mining, manufacturing and agriculture, it’s the healthcare industry that is actually Toowoomba’s biggest employer, with around 15% of the population working in this sector.

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