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“At RAR Therapy Warwick, YOU are the centre of everything we do”


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Why We Love Warwick

Warwick is a town in southeast Queensland, 130km south-west of Brisbane, and is the administrative center of the Southern Downs Region local government area. Patrick Leslie and his two brothers initially established themselves in the region as squatters, designating their land as Canning Downs. In 1847, the New South Wales government requested that Leslie designate a location on his property for a township. Although the intended name was ‘Cannington,’ the final choice of ‘Warwick’ was eventually made, as it remains today.

A thriving rural city

Warwick boasts a lot of beautiful churches and structurally impressive private schools, just some of the many buildings that make the town so attractive. It’s known as the ‘Rose and Rodeo City’ because of the popular Warwick Rodeo which attracts visitors every November. The town has even produced a lot of famous rodeo riders! It’s a thriving city, and a place locals are proud to call home.


Flowing gently through the lively town, the Condamine River is the origin of Australia’s longest continuous river system, offering plenty of scenic walking and cycling paths. You’ll find cozy country pubs, charming cafés, and unique boutiques along the main streets, while just outside the town, some of Australia’s most fertile farmlands stretch along the highways. Explore the town’s fascinating history through heritage walks, take a ride on a steam train, delve into museums and historic buildings, or drop by the Warwick Art Gallery.

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