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“At RAR Therapy Mackay, YOU are the centre of everything we do”


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Why We Love Mackay

Positioned ten hours north of Brisbane, Mackay is famous for its history as one of Australia’s largest sugarcane farming regions. As the area actually produces more than one third of Australia’s sugar every year, Mackay is an integral part of the Central Queensland economy.

Aside from agriculture and despite being well known for its proximity to a number of the state’s biggest coal mines, Mackay is also uniquely positioned for access to an array of tropical islands and one of the less common access points to the Great Barrier Reef.

Home to Australia’s longest stretch of subtropical rainforest, Mackay presents a world of opportunities to explore untouched nature and the region’s multitude of breathtaking and pristine national parks. Quite simply, a trip to Mackay is what you make it, and this unique part of Queensland has something for everyone.

Live, work, play in Mackay

The region’s expanding employment, investment and development opportunities, buoyant economy and lifestyle attributes are just some of the many positive aspects that encourage people to live, work and play in the Mackay region.


While Mackay has been recognised as one of Queensland’s fastest growing economies, the strength of this growth lies in the diversification of the city’s revenue. In fact, the five largest employing industries in the Mackay region are mining, retail, healthcare, construction and food services. Together, these five sectors alone employ a whopping 54% of the region’s workers, and their diversity helps to protect Mackay residents against market swings and other outside influences.

Today, Mackay is one of Queensland’s fastest growing coastal cities, with new suburbs spreading rapidly along the coastline at an unprecedented rate. Despite the dangers of jellyfish that reside in the water during summer and its location in croc country, it is a city uniquely placed to serve tourism, with the beaches and the marina considered to be world class.

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